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Biomutant Devs explain open-world size and features

Biomutant is an action role-playing game unveiled during Gamescom in August. It is looking a one of the most promising game in 2018. The game developed by Swedish developer Experiment 101. The game has martial art fighting style combat. Player will also be able to re-code the genetic structure to change look and play . It also has feature of mutation of player.

Biomutant includes a vast and open-world setting.Recently in interview by IGN  Experiment 101 Boss Stefan Ljungqvist explains about the open world aspect of game .He said that game’s world is 16 square kilometers or approx 6 square miles.The world will change as the plaer will progress in the story.

Here is the  part of an official statement :


Read the full interview here.

Biomutant will release on 2018 for Xbox One , PS4 and PC.


Credits: IGN

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