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BioWare’s Anthem Trailer, Gameplay and Details revealed at E3 2018

Bioware and EA Sports are yet again back with a new adventure to the exoteric world. The maker of popular Mass Effect series has launched the trailer of the game Anthem at E3 2018, that took place at Los Angles, California, USA.

BioWare’s Anthem

The game allows you to play in the Cooperative mode along with your friends, where rewards are based on both combined effort and individual skill.

The game plot has been set up in a pure world named The ANTHEM created by gods, but somewhere in the middle of the work of creation, gods vanished, leaving behind the instruments of God’s creation. The power Anthem can be restrained and those who tried to wield its power, it raged into altering cataclysms and transformations in the world.

BioWare's Anthem

Humans find out a way to survive by the use of Javelin Exosuits, empowering the players with the superhuman abilities. And the world is in a constant struggle between the power of the Anthem and instruments of the gods.

The game offers you to select a Javelin exosuit, which will have a strategic role within the team. While exploring the world together will allow you to go through a gripping story which is being filled with unique characters. In the game, you will join as Freelancer and after then you will have to select Javelin exosuit. The suit allows you to fly around the world and explore the depths of water.

These suits can be customised with accompanying gears, weapons and equipment. You will get the gear and amazing customising options once you defeat enemies and complete milestones.

BioWare's Anthem

BioWare’s Anthem

The world of Anthem game is truly immersive and fascinating but also filled with unpredictable dangers, hazards and enemies. Anthem will offer you unique challenges which will test you on each of your mission on your journey with your freelancer team.

BioWare's Anthem

BioWare’s Anthem will be officially launched on February 22, 2019, and it can be played on PC, XBOX ONE and PS4. The game can also be booked on PRE-ORDER and it’s available in two editions including Standard Edition and Legion of Dawn Edition. BioWare’s Anthem has been priced at 3499 INR.


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