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Birds of Prey Movie Release Date Revealed Officially

Birds of Prey Movie Release Date is officially announced. According to the reports, it is going to be in February 2020. Warner Bros. and DC invested heavily on the character of Harley Quin n played by Margot Robbie. After her first appearance in Suicide Squad, the fans are dying to see her again on the big screen. The considered movies for her screen time were Gotham City Sirens, Suicide Squad 2 and Joker vs Harley Quinn. But the Birds of Prey won out and will be under the director Cathy Yan. The production of the film is ow developed into high gear.

Birds of Prey Movie will be starting the production earlier the next year. This has made the fans wonder when will be the movie going to hit the theatres. Many things before the production need to be done. The main is selecting the cast for the movie. The actresses are being tested for the roles of Black Canary and Huntress.

According to The Wrap, Warner Bros. has given Birds Of Prey Movie Release Date as February 7, 2020. But the Birds of Prey is not the official title. This will be the first DC movie of 2020 and will be available in IMAX. Since the official release date is announced, WB will start announcing some other aspects of the film too.

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Birds of Prey is the next DC movie to enter production. Hence it is expected to get an early 2020 release date. The exact date may be a slight surprise to those who’ve followed Warner Bros.’ strategic placeholder announcements in the past. They previously announced the Feb 14, 2020 slot for the release of an upcoming DC movie which was unannounced. Birds of Prey is releasing a week before the previously set date. This means that the first movie slot is taken by the movie. By looking at 2020’s early release schedule, this can be one of the 2020’s major blockbusters.

Though the title Birds of Prey is not the official one, the change will not be that big. The title may include Harley Quinn’s name, as per Warner Bros.’ Perspective. Something along the lines of Harley Quinn & Birds of Prey could wind up being the actual title. Irrespective of the actual title name, the release date is now known to us and all the fans out there. Who will be the actresses playing the role of Huntress and Black Canary is still a mystery, as of now. But with this early of a starting point, DC could be pumping out four movies throughout 2020 including Birds of Prey kicking them off.

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