Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Bitcoin surges down by 30 % of market value !! Crypto-Currency Future ??

Today, all of the major crypto-currencies have a major fall, including Bitcoin, Ethereum. We have noticed the downfall of about 30% in the market value of Bitcoin.


Bitcoin is currently one of the most expensive cryptocurrencies in the world. This year it started with a market value of $800 and reaching to a value of the value of $20,000 recently but in this current week, we have seen a steady downfall in its market cap. Today, Bitcoin’s market price declines by $4,000, in relative to its market cap yesterday of $17,500 and falling down to $ 13,500.

The total capitalization of all the crypto-currencies is around $ 474 billion, in which Ripple is taken as the centre of cryptocurrency as it’s market value is almost equal to the dollar

As per expert opinions, the sudden rise and fall in the value of crypto-currencies will lead to cease in the year 2018, but the bitcoin and digital currency fans argue this thought and continue to show their interest and growth of crypto-currencies in coming future.

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