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Black Clover Chapter 176 Spoilers,Release Date

Today’s post is all about Black Clover Chapter 176 spoilers as chapter 175 is out now. So, this post gonna be full of spoilers if you don’t like spoilers you shouldn’t read this post. Let’s start the discussion with the events of Black Clover Chapter 175 before the spoilers.

Black Clover Chapter 176 Spoilers- Chapter 175 Review

Black Clover Chapter 176 SpoilersBlack Clover chapter 175 was all about counter-attack of Silva family to protect the Silva house. After seeing the rumble created all over the capital, Yami and others decided to go in different direction. After separating Silva family went to Silva house where they faced one of the strongest Royals possessed by the elves. Solid silva attacked her but she deflected his attack.

Black Clover Chapter 176 Spoilers

When she tried to kill him with her strongest magic Noelle and Nozel deflected her attack. Then, Noelle casts her powerful magic “Roar Of The Sea Dragon” but missed.

The elf took control over the situation with her compass magic but Nozel put his faith in Noelle to show her power of Silva family.

Black Clover Chapter 176 Spoilers

Black Clover Chapter 176 Spoilers

It was a good chapter with a sole focus on Silva family. The way in which chapter 175 end, we will see Black Clover Chapter 176 also based on Silva family. We will see Noelle fighting alongside his brother Nozel. He was one who despises her for not controlling her magic. But in chapter 175 we saw his respect towards her sister and how much he trusts her now.

Black Clover Chapter 176 Spoilers

In Black Clover Chapter 176, we will see Noelle fighting the Compass Magic caster with her freedom as she has a backpack as his brother. She will be free with all her reasons to leave the royal family.

Black Clover Chapter 176 Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 176 is scheduled to release on 2nd October 2018.

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