Black Clover Episode 38 Spoilers Alert

Magic Knight Captain Conference

Betrayal by Magic Knight Captain

The Captain of the Purple Orcas, Geldor Piozot is in trouble

The previous week was an interesting week for all Black Clover’s fans as we attended the epic fight between the Magic Knight Captains and the third eye of The Eye of Midnight Sun. In the ending, we’ve got some proofs of Litch astonishing powers and demonic sword, that belonged to Litch’s master.
Now moving onto the episode 38 of Black Clover which will be aired tomorrow that is on 26 June,18, Tuesday. We’ve got some spoilers of Episode 38 from the manga and this time we’ll see Wizard King is in action for one more time.

Black Clover Episode 38 Spoilers

Next episode will cover the most astonishing battle among the Magic Knight Captains as one the Captain is the traitor who works for The Eye of the Midnight Sun. In this post, we will spoil you on what’s going in next episode and who will be the traitor.

1: Magic Knight Captain Conference

Black Clover Episode 38 Spoilers

Episode 38 will cover the most astounding moment in the Clover History and it is nothing but the Magic Knight Captain Conference in which all the Knight Captains gather on one table to follow Wizard King orders. They all are talking about the number of stars they earned during the past few days. On the other side, Wizard King will cry out Asta to pierce the mind shieling magic from terrorists’ head. With the help Asta, terrorists will spew all the secrets from their minds and will give the name of the traitorous Captain that has been helping them.

2. Magic Knight Captain is in Trouble

Black Clover Episode 38 Spoilers

The terrorists name the traitorous Captain and he is The Captain of the Purple Orcas, Geldor Piozot. After listening all this stuff and having confidential proof against him, Captain will decide to fight with all other Captains. He will use his Permeate Magic which allows him to erase himself and slip through all other types of magic.But this ain’t work on Asta’s antimagic sword, after knowing his location with the help of Ki, Asta cut all his invisibility magic and remaining captain will catch and place him in front of Wizard King.

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