Black Clover Episode 38 Spoilers

Black Clover Episode 38 Spoilers- The Magic Knight Captain Conference

After winning against the third eye of Eye of Midnight Sun;

Black Clover Episode 37 will air on 19th June, that is on Tuesday. Episode 37 will cover the fight between the Magic Knight Kings and Third Eye of Eye of the Midnight Sun. The title is “The One With No Magic” clearly states that this title belongs to Asta. So in Black Clover Episode 37, we’ll see Asta surpassing his limits. The further link gives full spoilers of Black Clover Episode 37.

In Black Clover Episode 37, the Magic Knight Captains will be won against the Eye of Midnight Sun.

Now, moving onto the Black Clover Episode 38.
Black Clover Episode 38 will be aired on 26 June, 18 i.e. on Tuesday. We got some prediction of Episode 38 from the preview, which is going to be very exciting for Black Clover’s fans.

Black Clover Episode 38 spoilers
Black Clover Episode 38 spoilers

Episode 38 will cover the most astonishing moment in the Clover history and it is the Magic Knight Captain conference in which all the Knight Captains congregate (except Fuegoleon) on one table.
It is the very auspicious moment when all the Magic Knight Captains assemble. After all the occurrence that happened during last few days with the Eye of the Midnight Sun, Wizard King summoned all the available Knight Captain to discuss something. In the previous episode, Wizard King the apprehend two prisoners from the terrorist group. The one is the witch that Charmy and Yuno defeated and another one is grabbed in the cave by the King himself when they kidnapped Asta. Wizard King will discuss something important to all Magic Knight Captains as Clover kingdom is endangerment now.

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