In Today’s post, I will discuss some Black Clover Episode 39 Spoilers with you. So read this post on your own risk.

Black Clover Episode 39 Spoilers Alert

Yesterday it was an interesting day for all Black Clover’s fans as we witnessed the first time conference ever in which all Magic Knight Captains gathered and respected each other in their own ridiculous way.
The invitation was sent from the Royal Capital that Wizard King wanted to meet Asta and Yami had to take part in the conference with the other Magic Knight Captains, the next day.
In the conference, everyone was talking about the number of stars they earned.
On the other side, Asta helped Wizard King to pierce the brain magic of Terrorists and with the help of Marx’s Memory Exchange Magic: Memoir Absolu, they made the connection directly into the terrorist’s head. This spell allowed Marx to get answers from their true memory. In the end, Wizard King learned a particular there is a traitor among the Captains who is working with The Eye of the Midnight Sun.

The Captain of the Purple Orcas, Gueldre Piozot.

Now moving onto the episode 39 of Black Clover Spoilers, We’ve got some leaked images and spoilers of Episode 39 from the manga and this time traitorous Magic Knight Captain is in trouble.
According to the spoilers, an upcoming episode will illustrate the most astounding battle between the Magic Knight Captains. Now from ahead, we will discuss some vital points of the next episode.

Black Clover Episode 39 Spoilers

Black Clover Episode 39 Spoilers

Magic Knight Captain is in Difficulty;

With the help of Asta and Marx, Wizard King spewed all the secrets from terrorists’ mind which exposed the name of the traitorous Captain in front of everyone.
From the manga spoilers, we finally figure out,
The treacherous captain is The Captain of the Purple Orcas, Gueldre Piozot. 

What will happen next?

Gueldre Piozot has the magic of invisibility which allows using Permeate Magic to erase himself and his identity and slip through all other types of magic. After finding himself guilty, he will erase himself in invisibility magic and everyone’s magic just slipped through his Permeate Magic.

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Black Clover Episode 39 will air on 3 July, Tuesday.

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