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Black Clover Episode 47 Spoilers,Preview

As you know, Black Clover manga is running on its peak zone these days, but anime is series is not so behind than manga in terms of hype and thrill as one of the leaders of Eye of the midnight sun is on a rampage against black bulls at the water temple. In today’s post, I will discuss Black Clover Episode 47 Spoilers, preview with you as episode 46 has been aired.

Black Clover Episode 47 Spoilers

Black Clover Episode 47 Spoilers

Before going to the spoilers, let’s have a look at what happened in the latest episode.

Black Clover Episode 46 put a great show where Kaito and Kahono stood up against Vetto with their combo magic spell to save injured Black Bull members. But, Vetto ripped off Kaito’s leg and crushed Kahono’s throat. The episode’s hype was not up to that scene as after seeing their allies in trouble Noelle surpassed her limit and attacked with a new magic spell “Sea King” and ripped off Vetto’s left arm.

Black Clover Episode 47 Spoilers

The situation gets worse when Vetto opened his third eye by the rage of his despair filled with past memories. Noelle stood against him as everyone was severely injured. But, when Vetto attacked her with an inevitable attack, Asta deflected his attack.

Black Clover Episode 47 Spoilers, Preview

Black Clover Episode 47 Spoilers

Now coming to the spoilers, in the next episode we will see Asta’s stand against Vetto filled with mythical beast power. Next episode is titled as “My Only Weapon”.

Finral will lose hope of winning against him but Asta will not give up as not giving up is his only weapon. Asta’s word will motivate Finral and Vanessa.

Black Clover Episode 47 Spoilers

In the next episode, we will see Asta’s fight against with Vetto where Finral and Venessa will support him with their warp magic and string magic.

Black Clover Episode 47 Preview

Next episode gonna be more interesting as Asta is healed by Kohana and once again he will fight against Vetto. I’m looking forward to this episode.

What do you think? Will Asta, Venessa and Finral be able to defeat Vetto. Share your opinion in the comment section below

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