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This Time Goku Black Is In New Dragon Ball FighterZ Trailer

Now it becomes a habit to see a new character based Dragon Ball FighterZ trailer every week. Bandai Namco is working very hard to promote its best fighting game Dragon Ball FighterZ. Now, it released a new Dragon Ball FighterZ trailer featuring the time-traveler and immortal antagonist from the Dragon Ball Super ” Goku Black “.

According to the anime/manga series,  Goku Black’s true identity is present Zamasu from the unaltered timeline in which he stoles the Goku’s body. Therefore, he lookalike Son Goku. He also possesses Super Saiyan Rose transformation much like SSGSS of Goku but with more power than SSGSS form.

In the trailer, Goku Black transform into super Saiyan rose by put his time-ring clad hand on head. He faces the trunks in the trailer just like in the Goku black Saga of Dragon Ball Super.

As for moves most of the moves of Goku black are from the anime and manga series. He can use instant transmission like Goku, sometimes he teams up with Zamasu to for to through a rose-colored energy ball. He has an ability to generate a destructive weapon called God Split Cut from his ki to torn off enemies.He also fires Super Black Kamehameha a variant of Goku’s Kamehameha.

I think until the release of the game there will more trailers to come.The game will gonna rock the consoles and PC on 26 January 2018.


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