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Black Manta First Look from ‘Aquaman’ Revealed

The Black Manta first look has been revealed, as he will appear in DC’s Aquaman film. It’s not the full costume, but Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s character is seen checking out the impressive helmet adapted from the comics in the revealed photo. Though Manta is not the main villain, it will set up the base for the deeper rivalry of Aquaman played by Jason Momoa. The main villain of the film is Orm the Ocean Master, played by Patrick Wilson.

“Black Manta is a really interesting character who is somehow factored into this story but our main story is about Jason and Patrick,” Aquaman director James Wan said. The statement from the director clearly tells us that the Black Manta (Black Manta First Look) plays an orchestrating role in developing the story and the feud between Orm and Aquaman.

Check Out Black Manta First Look –

black Manta first look
Yahya Abdul-Mateen as Black Manta

The Aquaman character seen in Justice League is really just “a weekend in his life” according to Momoa. Aquaman’s abilities and development as a character are yet to be seen in his standalone film. It also sets up his character as seen in the Justice League.

Momoa also described that his human, emotional side taking him down the road we’ve seen in Justice League. “You’re going to see that I really wanted him to be that gruff thing because he has to become king. If Justice League is like seeing him at his lowest, and not just his lowest, but this loneliness that I wanted about him, so when we get to Aquaman you know why he became that, and how he had been put in that lonely spot. Momoa said.

black manta first look
Jason Mamoa as Arthur Curry

And now he has to be the king of the deepest waters, and that’s a story different altogether. In regards to the tone of the Aquaman movie, Momoa described it as a combination of an origin, an epic battle, and a big road movie.

As per Momoa we’ll be seeing grow through his younger self and in the end taking on the post of the king. Even we’ll be seeing the events before he was even born, that his mother came from Atlantis. We’ll be seeing seven kingdoms and a threat establishing in the movie altogether. “Surpassing Justice League, this moment in time is his call to become king.

The only thing that can save Atlantis is me fighting my own brother. There’s a big battle, and there’s an epic [fight]. It’s also a big road movie because we travel all over the world. It’s got that Star Wars quality of gigantic ships and guys riding sharks. It’s going to be this whole world you’ve never seen before. You’re going to see him start as this guy who probably rides bikes, works on cars. You get to see him this one way as kind of a dirty, dark, drunkard, and then turn into this regal king.” As quoted by Momoa.

black manta first look

So, we’ll see a lot of events and situations leading up to the moment when he has to fight his brother to become the regal king. Aquaman stars Jason Momoa and is directed by James Wan and is scheduled to be released in movie theatres on December 21, 2018.

Are you excited to see Aquaman? What all are you expecting from the movie and what are your views about the Black Manta First look? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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