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Black Mirror ‘Arkangel’ Review! An Elegantly Crafted Episode by Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster’s ‘Arkangel’ leaves you with questions to ponder upon!!

Actress Jodie Foster directs the second episode in the anthology series is known for her work in iconic movies like Silence of the Lambs. Later, she ventured into the field of directing films, and now with this episode, she is back to small screen after two years.

Plot & Analysis-

The story revolves around the relationship between a single mother and her daughter and how technology impacts the relationship between the two. In this episode of anthology series we are introduced to a tech that can help you ‘take care of your children in the better way’. The show begins with the actress Rosemarie DeWitt portraying the role mother giving birth to her daughter.

Then show focuses on the small incident where she loses the daughter for few minutes, and this particular event compelled her to find shelter under the technology titled Arkangel. A program in which a small chip is implanted in the child’s brain and through an app you can keep the check on him/her. A parent can even watch what his child is viewing and can also apply the filter that blurs out the content that parent thinks is harmful. There is one scene where the father of the mother & herself are discussing Is it the right decision she has made, as it may hamper the growth of a child in a natural way. This particular scene also puts the same question in mind’s of a viewer by making him ponder over the point ‘How much parental Guidance is enough and where to draw the line?’


The episode spans over the childhood and teenage of the girl as she grows without the knowledge of fight and how blood looks like because of the filter. And as her mother realizes this and removes the filter, she starts knowing about the stuff which comes as a shock to her. The show beautifully explores the psychology of human beings and how appropriately they make the use of technology. The same technology which was meant to take care of the girl ruins her entire childhood and makes her a rebellious teen just because of overprotectiveness of mother.

Jodie Foster has beautifully brought the depressing story to life which makes you ponder upon many things. It compels you to ask the question from yourself that ‘what is the right way to bring up a child?’ The actors have done excellent work, but Rosemarie steals the with her stellar performance. The episode deals with a more profound expect and may not be loved by everyone.

Arkangel stands well on many Black Mirror aesthetics and leaves you with remorse. There chinks here and there in the story, but astonishing acting covers it up. The runtime of the show could have been reduced easily by 10 minutes, making it an entertaining piece. However, it’s the worthy episode that will give you creeps with the ending filled with slight depression.

Rating – 4/5 stars

Black Mirror Episode 2 ‘Arkangel’ Cast & Director –

Cast – Rosemarie DeWitt, Brenna Harding, Owen Teague, Angela Vint and Aniya Hodge
Director – Jodie Foster

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