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Black Mirror ‘Crocodile’ Review – A Dark & Twisted Tale that Went Too Far

Black Mirror Crocodile makes you feel disgusted that too in lousy way

Black Mirror a series which is pretty darn dark and that’s the thing loved by most of its audience. It shows the blunt truth about technology and human psychology and how both of them twist to give you creeps. The first two episodes USS Callister and Arkangel offered something new from the technology perspective. However, Crocodile doesn’t focus on the technology as its just simple one and plays a supportive role. The human nature takes center stage, and the plot takes things too far making it feel unrealistic.

The story revolves around the Mia an architecture living in snow-covered hills of Iceland. The episode begins with a party and main characters enjoying the moment. Soon we see a car cruising through beautifully captured landscapes, and suddenly during their drive, they hit something. As they come to a halt, we find out it was a person, who now lays still on the lonely road. As with no human being around Mia’s boyfriend tells her that we have to dump the body as it may cost their lives. With lots of argument, she submits in and soon finds them dumping the body into the lake. In our world that would have meant the end of scenario with no witness to the accident.


To bring in the twist and make it entertaining we are in the era where technology exists that can help extracting the memory and can be observed by anyone using just a small chip. However, this doesn’t affect the life of Mia immediately as years pass by and she is leading a successful life with her family putting the past behind her. One day during her meeting she is visited by the old boyfriend who is feeling guilty and wants to confess the accident to the police which happened years back. This incident reveals monster inside Mia as she murders him.


At this moment a new character named Shazia is introduced who is an insurance agent trying to build a case against pizza company. She uses the recaller tech to make her case strong, and soon the investigation takes her to Mia. Now Mia’s darkest secrets are revealed, and from this moment on, the show hits a gruesome dark path. The episode begins to disgust you, and you want to stop Mia from doing whatever she is doing. This serves as the big negative for the episode as it went too far in depicting the twisted human nature and you wish it to be over soon.

Black Mirror Crocodile somewhere lost its track, as the concept was good and if treated correctly it would have poked in on the appropriate questions in our mind. In the end, it can depict appropriately only point that ‘no matter what you do or how smart you are; truth always comes out even from the tiniest holes.’

Rating – 2.5/5 stars
Black Mirror Crocodile Cast & Director –
Cast -  Andrea Riseborough, Kiran Sonia Sawar, and Andrew Gower
Director - John Hillcoat



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