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Black Mirror ‘Hang The DJ’ Review – Riveting Story Build Around Love & Tech

Is Hang The DJ episode a San Junipero of Season 4?

Season 4 of Black Mirror have been filled with ups and downs till this point. It had a reasonably good start with the episode titled USS Callister which had a hint of comedy in it. Then we got ourselves Arkangel which explored the relationship between mother and daughter when there is interference of technology. Jodie Foster beautifully brought this experience on the screen and offered a fulfilling end. However, with third episode Crocodile, which stooped to new lows as episode became too gruesome for the audience to believe or enjoy. Now as we finished the 4th installment titled Hang The DJ in the anthology series and we can say this chapter is somewhat fulfilling and you will enjoy it from every perspective.

Hang The DJ, is again a light-hearted episode woven around finding the perfect match with whom you can spend the life. The episode opens with Frank walking towards some restaurant and asking about his schedule to AI like google assistant or Alexa. As he waits on the table in the restaurant, we are introduced to Amy who is his blind date. As both of them meet each other and find out the expiration date of their relationship. Then the scenario clears out as we find out there is a system which sets you on a blind date based on your liking, feelings and a person who you are and the whole relationship has an expiration date to it. It can range from few hours to few years also. The system is unique, and you get hold of the concept as both the main characters get to their room to spend their 12 hours.

As both are new to the system and experiencing it for the first, you start liking their inhibitions, and it makes you remember your first date with the person you fell in love. However, at the same time questions, start arising in the mind of both as they think how difficult it would have been earlier times to find a person you love without a system like this. How did a person use to deal with stuff like the breakup and other aspects of the relationship?


However, the episode tries to raise a point that all the things like breakup and up & downs in a relationship are necessary as they determine what you are as the person and what you want from your other half.

After their first blind dates, both of them move on to next ones in which Amy at the beginning enjoys the new match but on the other hand Frank gets himself stuck with a rather dull woman. He asks system why it has chosen such a horrible date for him as they have nothing in common. The system’s reply would make a whole lot of sense in our world also as it says ‘Everything Happens for a reason.’ As the time goes by Amy, realizes that she didn’t felt any spark which she experienced with Frank even after having good sex with a handsome man.


At this moment episode throws light on rather a significant aspect of relationship you may choose it for sex or how the other person looks but these things eventually die out with time. You can’t live your life based on these, but a spark or that happy feeling with someone makes it worthwhile.

Meanwhile, both Amy & Frank separately deal with their relationships and systems keeps on setting them with new dates to collect more data and find the ultimate match. Then once again system brings both of them together, and they are joyful, and you will love that too. The portrayal of main characters is charming as you want them to be together forever. They begin their relationship with one promise that nobody will check the expiration date. With all things set aside they enjoy each other’s company and start living together till one day, Frank checks the date and which makes the system correct it by re-calibrating it from 5 years to just 20 hours. When Amy comes to know about this, she leaves him. As Frank regrets his step and asks why the system is doing this to him the same reply comes ‘Everything happens for a reason.’

On the other side, Amy goes through some relationships without feeling that spark till one day she gets a message system has found her ultimate match, and she will meet him tomorrow. Before that, she can ask for a meeting with one she would like to meet. She chooses frank and as they meet again and decide to leave the system for once and all. As they together run away from it by climbing the wall, we are brought face to face with a fantastic twist. We would not spoil it for you just watch it and enjoy that moment.


Hang The DJ has a same vibe as San Junipero which focuses on love and the connection you feel with someone special. Tech is at the core of this episode, and it’s my favorite episode till now for this season. The plot is believable, and actors do a fantastic work which makes it more enriching experience.Everything about this episode is fulfilling. This one is a big upgrade on the last episode. The little flaw in the episode is that it is rather predictable but how it has been told and acted makes the experience worthwhile.

Rating – 4/5 stars
Black Mirror Hang The DJ Cast & Director –
Cast -   Georgina CampbellJoe Cole, Gina Bramhill and George Blagden
Director -  Timothy Van Patten

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