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New Black Mirror Video!! Netflix Wished Happy New Year In A Weird Way

Netflix at its best with New Black Mirror Video!!

Just one more day and we will enter 2018, and everyone around the world is excited about it. People are planning parties and wishing each other, then how can our favorite streaming service ‘Netflix’ stay behind. Thus it released a video last night wishing everyone a Happy New Year, but there is a catch. As we know Netflix does everything in their style and weird ways, so they wished all of us in a satirical way.

The video is based on the Black Mirror series which airs on the Netflix. The show is an anthology series which examines the society particularly about unanticipated consequences of modern technology.

At the beginning of the video, we see Theresa May the British PM on the podium giving the speech which went viral because of unpopular reasons. Then, the narrative begins saying ‘What a wonderful year’ we had, which was full of technological advancements. The trailer tries to show where the world is headed as the technology about which series warned us; we are developing it and slowly moving towards our doom.

It draws a comparison between various of its episodes and the happenings of the year 2017. The analogy which we liked was between ‘Waldo’ an animated character who gets elected as President of the country even after being morally incorrect and Donald Trump(Current US President).


The trailer goes from lighter to darker tone in a matter of seconds as it depicts that we are being watched every moment, how people around the world are killing each other and we are consuming so much of fake news daily. At the end of the video, a countdown begins, and we are greeted Happy New Year with words ‘Welcome to the Future’ flashing on the screen.

There is already a lot of anticipation around Black Mirror Season 4 and with a video like this Netflix is just going all guns blazing. We are excited about the new season and who knows they may predict something more crazy regarding our already doomed future.

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