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Black Ops 4 : $2 loot boxes are hurting the COD community

Treyarch has dropped one of the most significant updates for Call of Duty Black Ops 4 with Operation Grand Heist. The latest update has added a lot of features, new weapons, and modes to the game. The new multiplayer maps Lockout and Casino are also part of this latest update. A new location named Ghost Town is also added to the Blackout map. The COD fans are already loving the new operation and new locations, but one thing which they did not like is 2$ loot boxes. The price on the loot boxes has outraged the community. They have taken the route of Reddit to express their concern and anger at Treyarch.

Players on Reddit stated that ” “after literal months of little to no support and content, they have the boldness to add f*****g supply drops for 2$ dollars.” The game price was already $60 at the time of release, and now the cost of $2 on Loot boxes is bugging them.

Players have also compared the loot boxes of Apex Legends to that of Black Ops 4

Black Ops 4

Optional Loot Boxes (not cosmetic)

  • Price – $2
  • Duplicates and need three for any form of repayment
  • No odds revealed
  • Can earn in-game and earnable packs have different odds than paid packs

Apex Legends

Optional cosmetic Loot Boxes

  • Price – $1
  • No duplicates
  • Guarantees one rare plus a legendary every 30
  • Reveals all the odds
  • Can earn in the game plus earnable packs have the same odds as paid packs.

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