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Black Ops 4-Why are Concussion Grenades Need a Nerf to Stop Ruining Blackout

Grenades are the best and worst weapon in any battle royale game depending upon how you use it. Similarly, in Black Ops 4 Blackout mode, there are many positive and negative aspects to it. But Treyarch has made a substantial amount of changes to Blackout mostly based on the feedback they’d received from the gamers. People in the community have appreciated many changes but there is one item which is causing some dissatisfaction among the payers. It is Concussion Grenades. So, let’s see why Concussion Grenades need a nerf to stop them from ruining Blackout?

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Famous CoD Youtuber ‘Drift0r’ express his views on Concussion Grenades through his youtube channel and explain why these grenades are a major problem and need to be nerfed.

  • ‘Drift0r’ explains that the Concussions does not spawn enough. There are currently two counters for Concussion, the Reinforced perk and Trophy System. Both of them has a considerably lower spawn rate than the stuns. He suggested to lower down the spawn rates for Concussions. Also, they should increase the spawning of the counters.
  • His 2nd point was Concussion Grenades are too strong as they completely disrupt players vision and audio with the movements so difficult. He gave a solution for concussion grenades nerf. He suggested making the Concussions Grenades more like a flashbang so that it can only effects either only on vision or maybe movement.
  • ‘Drift0r’ final argument was that now Concussion grenades will have a high impact than gun-skills creating an opportunity for beginners. This will give free kills to the beginners without even practising the mechanics of the guns. His solution to this was to decrease the spawn rates of such throwables like Cluster Grenades. This will make one’s gun skills and tactical awareness, the dominant decider in the game.

Credits: Sachin Singh

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