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Black Ops 4 : Fan favorite specialist & new operation coming soon

For quite some time, Treyarch has been sharing out teasers for the upcoming content drop.

The next major update for the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 game is coming on April 30th, 2019.

The upcoming update is about to bring in the next operation for the game & it also looks like we may see the return of fan favorite specialist.

If you observe the slate of released teasers, you will see that it is hinting towards a new game mode.

But on April 25th, Call of Duty Twitter has shared a 40 second teaser, where a squad is making its way through some building & suddenly it gets killed off by a character in the shadows.

Just after watching the clip, the excitement level of the game fans touched skies as it strongly indicates the return of Black Ops 3 Specialist Spectre.

The teaser also has a written description mentioning “Strike from the Shadows.”

It will be interesting to see whether they make any specific changes to the specialist or it will remain the same.


The developers of Black Ops 4 have already confirmed that the next major udpate is coming on April 30th for PS4. It will release one week later for PC & Xbox One owners due to an exclusive deal between PS4 & Activision. The update for PC & Xbox owners will go live on May 7th.


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