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Black Ops 4 Leaked Gauntlet Mode for Zombies

Black Ops 4 leaked Gauntlet mode for Zombies Mode has been leaked in the latest leaks. In the recent update by Treyarch, they have added new Zombies Mode and have hinted Gauntlet Mode for Zombies. After this announcement, a data miner, Cashmint, uncovered some game files to check about the leaked Gauntlet Mode for Zombies in Black Ops 4.

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The data miner found some uncovered text in a dump file, which seems like the description for the Gauntlet Mode for Zombies. According to the leaked description for the Gauntlet mode, there will be a 30-round system with increasing difficulty. Moreover, they have included a three strike system to make the mode more captivating.

Gather your Crew and face the GAUNTLET! Based on Classic Mode, each Gauntlet features 30 ROUNDS of challenges with DIFFERENT RULES EACH ROUND. MEDALS and SPECIAL REWARDS are earned at ROUNDS 10, 20, and 30. If your Crew fails to complete a round as instructed, you will get a STRIKE. Three Strikes and its GAME OVER!

New Gauntlets will be released periodically with all-new challenges, and ALL GAUNTLET MATCHES ARE TIMED, so get out there and set some records!

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The leaker, Cashmint is speculating that the unused zombie-laden medals may be used now. They have been in the game files since the Black Ops 4 Beta version. The developers have teased about the mode. They have asked the fans to wait till January 15. It is the next week’s “very Zombies specific date”.

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