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Black Ops 4 : New locations for Blackout mode coming soon

Treyarch Design Director, David Vonderhaar reveals that new locations and other significant changes are coming to Call of Duty Black Ops 4’s Blackout Battle Royale mode soon.

David Vonderhaar revealed it on Twitter when someone asked him to add new locations for the Blackout map. In his response, Vonderhaar replied: “Working on it. Season 3 is coming.”

Only one location Hijacked has added to the game since its release. But it is expected that it is likely to come after the conclusion of Operation: Absolute Zero which is ending on 18th February. No official date revealed for these additions yet.

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Hijacked Blackout Mode

As usual, the PlayStation 4 owners are likely to get the new content 7 days prior to the Xbox One and PC owners due to Sony’s partnership with Activision.

In addition to new locations, Vonderhaar has also promised that they are working on higher rank system & levels for players.

Currently, players can only level up to 80, and they have no further levels to compete for. In a response to this query, Vonderhaar has replied: Yes. I’have said repeatedly we are working on it. Aggressively.


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