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Black Ops 4 : New Stash Design for Looting teased by Treyarch’s Vonderhaar

Treyarch’s Studio Lead Design, David Vonderhaar has revealed out the first look at the new Stash UI for Blackout Battle Royale mode, in his official tweet he has given some insights on how this new Stash will actually work.

In Call of Duty Black Ops 4, the stash is a name given to a loot box or crate. Currently, the looting through stash requires to scroll through various items one by one, which many players didn’t find comfortable.

With the implementation of the new UI, stash content will be displayed in groups, which would be more efficient for players to loot the items they want.

In his Tweet Vonderhaar has mentioned, New Stash UX is in dev builds, being playtested, actually test by QA, and we are bug fixing.

Black Ops 4: New Stash Design for Blackout

New Stash Design

Current design debate: 2 rows of 5 or 3 rows of 5. 3 rows means less tabbing in a death stash, but less uses more screen.

He has also given an idea, why these changes have been made and how it would benefit the players once it’s added.

This change will be helpful to console players, as scrolling is easier on PC than on Console.

It will be really interesting to see the final build and how effectively it can help the players while looting the stashes or crates.


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