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Black Ops 4 : Two new DLC maps coming, leak suggests

A new leak suggests that two new DLC maps are coming to Call of Duty Black Ops 4 multiplayer mode. When Black Ops 4 game was released with the Black Ops pass, it was promised that the players will keep getting new content throughout the year.

One of the popular Call of Duty leakers ‘TheWewLads’ suggests that two new upcoming maps will be part of the Black Ops Pass soon and it has been named as Station and Casino.

The station map will be based on LAPD police station situated in the middle of the city. And the Casino map will feature elegant high-roller’s Casino. Set at night with vibrant lights, bars, slots, tables and sheeny ambience.

Black Ops 4 Leaked Gauntlet Mode for Zombies 1 Photo

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It will be really interesting for Call of Duty fans to experience the new content.

No official statement has been made for its release yet but it is expected that it will be included in the next major update for the game. The event “Operation: Absolute Zero” is going to end on February 18.


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