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Bleach Manga Spin-Off Reveals Shinji’s Bankai

One of the famous mangas of all time, Bleach may have completed a few years ago, but the franchise is not over with the bleach’s hangover yet. Tite Kubo is continuously teasing Bleach Manga’s spin-off series and it looks it will make Shinji’s fans happy.

In the Bleach spin-off series, fans will finally see Shinji whip out his Bankai. Now, you can start thinking about how powerful will the attack.

Bleach Manga

Bleach Manga Spin-Off Reveals Shinji’s Bankai

The announcement was made through a magazine scan from Japan. The advertisement below highlights new details about Bleach Can’t Fear Your Own World and Shinji’s role in it.

Can’t Fear Your Own World II cover art by Tite Kubo. It’s Hikone this time. There’s also artwork of Tokinada with Kuten Kyokoku and colour image of Shunsui 🙂 from bleach

Currently, there we don’t know any detail about the Shinji’s role. The above promo only includes a headshot of Shinji with some text regarding his Bankai. Fans are eager to see what the reinstated Soul Reaper captain can do which he was unable to do in Bleach manga. Fans never see Shinji’s Bankai in Bleach anime as well as the manga, but now, Bleach spin-off will fulfil their wish. For now, Bleach fans can only guess about Shinji’s Bankai and how he will use it.

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