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Bless Unleashed September 16th 2021 Update Patch Notes

Greetings Adventurers,

A server patch was performed at around September 16th, 6PM (PDT) / September 17th, 3AM (CEST) as a response to issues found in the current game version.

Please check out the details below.

Patch Notes

1. Removed the monster’s Level Scaling system from Time Dungeons, and the difficulty will be defined by the required level to enter the Dungeon.
2. Adjusted the difficulty of “Nightspire – Abyss of Evil” with a bit higher level than the displayed level.


1. Increased the rewards from Twisted Void Spider Queen as follows.
– Increases the drop rate of Equipment Items by 1.5 times.
– Increases the drop rate of Accessory items by double.
– Increases Gold gain by 3 times.

2. Adjusted the settings of spider monsters summoned by Twisted Void Spider Queen.
– Changed the summoning cycle from 2 spiders every 6 seconds to 2 spiders every 8 seconds.
– Changed the poisoning DOT time from 15 seconds to 20 seconds.
– Changed the unrecoverable time from 7 seconds to 20 seconds.

Fixed Bug

– Fixed a bug where Berserker’s Guillotine / Whirlwind skill is cut while pressing the hold key.

– When Priest uses the Recovery skill to the player under the Battlefield, Warlords Arena, PvP Mode, only 30% of healing amount is applied.

Fixed Bug
– Fixed a bug where Priest’s Holy Energy is not recovered even after using “Blades of Contrition” skill.


1. Fixed so that the Quest mark will not disappear from the HP bar of the battle target.


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