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Now Blitz Mode not available in Fortnite !! Players left saddened

Epic games are known for the quick updates for their game Fortnite Battle Royale and have always keep creating new modes, customization skins and packs to keep their users and players engaged to the game.

Limited Time Modes are a real hit with the Fornite Gaming community and also offers faster and exciting game-play to the players. The Blitz game mode offers a lesser amount of time than usual as storm build up very fast and keep constraining the area at high pace.

Blitz Mode

Blitz game mode was available for both the Squad and Solo. Many popular Twitch and Fortnite players found the Blitz mode as an improvement over the regular mode and provide a great experience to players as it offered high paced action combined with a lot of loot boxes and material supply.

The Blitz Mode has been shut off by Epic games on the 26th March and many of the players have felt sad as their favourite mode went away. Many of the users have requested the Epic games to bring back the Blitz game mode back to Fortnite

In the embedded tweets, we have compiled below a list of tweets from various Fortnite players including Ali-A expressing their emotions.

We certainly hope the request of players will reach to the Epic games and they will bring back the Blitz Mode back to the game.

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