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Fortnite gets new Blitz V2 Mode and TEAMS of 20 V2 Mode in the game

The Fortnite game is a bundle of surprises, each we week we see the inclusion of new items or mode added to the game. Epic games have truly done a phenomenal job in keeping the players and gaming community engaged with the game. Yesterday, we shared the post with you mentioning the addition of Shopping Cart vehicle to the game in the coming update. We guess, Epic games have not wasted any time and they have brought two new limited modes to the game.

The two new limited modes which have been included in the game has been named as TEAMS OF 20 V2 and Blitz!V2. Both of these modes will be available for the only limited amount of time.

Blitz V2 Mode

Fornite Blitz V2 Mode

Let’s talk about the Blitz V2 mode first, as it is blitz mode which means the storm will come faster than the usual. This new Blitz mode will feature the new items also which includes Port-a-fort, Clinger, LMG and others. In this new mode, flight height has been lowered allowing players to engage in the fight more quickly. As the flight height has been lowered, one should only eject through the bus near to desired landing location so you can reach the marked place accurately. The maximum match length in this mode will be 15 minutes which significantly shorter than usual.

Blitz V2 Mode

Fortnite TEAMS of 20 V2

Another mode which has been included in the game is TEAMS OF 20 V2. This mode is somewhat similar to 50-50 mode, but instead of 50 players on each side. We will have 20 players on each side forming a total of 5 teams battling each other on the map. Each team will be composed of five squads of four players. Each team will have their own bus, to make it easier to drop together. In this mode Chest and Supply drops will provide much larger ammo and consumables than usual.

Both of these modes are looking pretty fascinating for play, we are sure you must be pretty excited to get your hands on these two new modes.


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