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Blizzard corrected Baptiste release date, new Overwatch hero will now available in Competitive play on April 2nd

New Overwatch hero Baptiste is already live on test servers, but he is not yet available for competitive play. He will be available on live servers on March 19th. Previously, Blizzard entertainment informed players that Baptiste would be unlocked in Competitive play one week after his release. Now, players have to wait for one more week.

Community manager Tom Powers announced that it was their mistake to announced the wrong release date. He said that Baptiste would be available in Competitive play two weeks after its initial release. So, players have to wait till April 2nd instead of March 26th.

“I wanted to follow-up on this. It was previously noted that Baptiste would be unlocked in Competitive Play one week after his initial release. It was incorrect” Tom Powers said. Baptiste will be playable in Competitive Play two weeks after his launch this Tuesday.


Baptiste release date

Baptiste release date


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Baptiste is the latest addition to the Overwatch roster and currently available on the test servers. Changes made to him in the test servers will also be made to him when he will release on live servers. Also, Blizzard might tweak few things to the hero. Developers had already said that they might adjust some Baptiste’s abilities if they feel it’s necessary. They said that they think that Baptiste’s immortality field is balanced, but they can always make tweaks to it if players feel it too strong.

Blizzard will release patch notes for Baptiste when he will be available on March 19. So, any change to him will be made in them.

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