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How to Block an Email in RoadRunner | Block Mail RoadRunner

Block an Email in RoadRunner !! Block Mail RoadRunner !! Block email RoadRunner

An America based company Time Warner Cable is tv and internet cable service provider which also provide a safe and secure email service monikered as Roadrunner when you make a contract with them. With your Roadrunner account, you are provided with a master email account and five other extra accounts. The Admin account address is created when you order the service. And other five accounts are created and maintained using the Roadrunner Self Care system within the main Roadrunner email Account.

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Sub-user email addresses can be Created and deleted in admin account online by doing a few things in the admin account. Deleting or setting the main or master user email address is requires you to call Time Warner’s Road Runner customer service and talk to a representative.

RoadRunner is a safe and secure free email provider that offers privacy settings for its patrons to adjust within their email. These settings allow an email user to block emails from the desired email addresses. Once you Block the email address it prevents messages from that particular sender from entering your RoadRunner inbox.

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However, some users might face a problem in blocking an email from Roadrunner account. But the process to block the email address in Roadrunner account is quite simple and straightforward, you just need to click on a few things and you will be able to block an email address from your Roadrunner email account. So read on further to Know How to Block an Email in RoadRunner.

Block email RoadRunner

Here are the Steps to Block an Email in RoadRunner Email Account :

Step 1.

First of all, Head over to the official Time Warner Cable RoadRunner website and Click the “Mail” option on the toolbar menu. Enter your email address and password into the assigned fields. Select your preferred language. Click “Log in” to access your email account.

Step 2.

Now after Log in Click “Settings.” Scroll down and click on the “Customize Mailbox Options” and then click on “Allow and Block Messages Options.”

Step 3.

Now to enable the RoadRunner Email blocking Click on the circle next to “Advanced Block Senders”. Here enter the email address or domain name from which you do not want to receive emails from now.

Step 4.

Now you to have further Scroll down the page and click on the circle next to “Delete Mail From Blocked Senders” under the “Blocked Mail Actions” heading and Click “OK” to finish the process.

So that’s all about How to Block an Email in RoadRunner, If you have any further query or any other problem related to Roadrunner email account, then feel free to comment in the comments section. We would love to help you.

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