Boat Stone 1000 Speaker Review

We all love to listen loud and bass heavy music but the problem with the conventional Home theatre systems is that they can’t be carried. However, to overcome this, Bluetooth Speakers are now in the trend and are quite portable, which can’t be compared with home theatres but will not disappoint you, if you own one. In case you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker and come across Boat stone 1000, you must check out its Review. whether it is worth buying? So without wasting much time let’s get started with its specifications.

Boat stone 1000 review

  • 14-watt stereo output
  • Bluetooth and AUX connectivity
  • Call support – inbuilt mic
  • 3000 mAh battery –  10 hours of music playback
  • IPX5 rating – water and shock resistant

Talking about the Bluetooth version, we find something sad about this. There’s nowhere in the box it has mentioned. Later searching online and contacting the company we came to know that the speaker has Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR version which is quite disappointing on a speaker of this price range. But in our testing, we found a rock solid connection between the speaker and the connected device.

Boat stone 1000 Speaker review

Boat stone 1000 Speaker review


When it comes to built quality, the boat has just nailed it, continuing the legacy for creating best design. The speaker is pretty solid and rugged but has the bulky design (You will come to know the reason for, why I think it’s BULKY). On the rear side, it is made up of solid plastic with a gripped plastic coating around the edges, which provides some grip, but it would have been better if the material had rubber or any alternative of it, as Boat has used at the bottom of the chassis. On the front, a thin solid metal grill protects the drivers from external shocks.

But wait, solid built doesn’t mean that design is Good. Looking at the speaker it seems Boat hasn’t put any efforts to reduce the size of the speaker. The design of the speaker is pretty simple and basic. As it can be seen in the pictures the speaker is pretty solid and quite large too.

Boat Stone 1000 Speaker review

This wireless speaker is IPX5 certified which means it is water and shock resistant. This protects the speakers from splashes and spills, so you can take this big boy for the poolside parties without any worries, but, as you can see the rating is IPX5, so, it can’t be submerged under water.

Another noticeable feature is the Nylon made strip, which is there to carry the speaker which weighs 1.5 Kg, and the nylon strip can be pushed in when not in use and hence doesn’t make the speaker look ugly when it is placed still.

Boat stone 1000 Speaker review

Boat stone 1000 review

Pairing the speaker is as simple as turning it ON. It will connect automatically to your smartphone once you select the speaker from the Bluetooth list. A command ” You plugged into nirvana” will be heard when any device is connected to it.

Coming to the controls/ buttons of the speaker, they are located on the left side and marked on the black rubberized material and buttons are not clicky rather need some efforts. And the other little issue that I felt, that it is quite difficult to identify these buttons even in moderate light conditions. It will take more than a while for you to get used to it.

Boat stone 1000 Speaker review

Boat stone 1000 review

For controlling the music playback, Boat Stone 1000 comes with four buttons, two of them are multi-functional.

Volume up/down buttons – These buttons are multi-functional and can be used for controlling the volume and also changes the tracks previous/next by long pressing either of them.

Mode buttons – A mode button is given to change the mode of the speaker from AUX to wireless and vice versa which will be quite handy when your audio source doesn’t support Bluetooth.

On the rear side, it has a groove which under the hoods holds the charging port and a 3.5 mm AUX input. You can connect a 5V normal micro USB charger to charge it up.

Boat stone 1000 Speaker review

Boat stone 1000 Speaker review


The sound of the speaker is loud and clear thanks to its 14w speaker and the bass is also quite good. But considering its size the bass could be improved.

The Boat stone 1000 gets really loud at 100 per cent volume, but it has a downside too, as playing music at the full volume not only drains the battery at a faster rate but also deteriorates the sound quality, especially in case of bass-heavy songs.

Personally, I felt the bass quite heavy, but when I showed the speaker to one of my colleague, who is an audiophile, he pointed out the bass is slightly on the lower side, again it is a personal choice. So this might not be the best if you are a heavy bass savvy user. But this doesn’t mean that the speaker doesn’t have bass at all, the bass is quite heavy.

Boat stone 1000 Speaker review

Also, if you sit beside the speakers with high volume, the sound will feel a bit distorted. But that should not be a concern since you won’t even notice it in practical use and this speaker is meant to be a party or an outdoor speaker.

Another useful feature of the boat stone 1000 is a built-in microphone, which means you can attend your calls on the go without worrying about the sound clarity.

Boat Stone 1000 Speaker review

Boat stone 1000 Speaker review


The Boat stone 1000 has a massive 3000 mAh battery which is digestible considering its size. The company claims 10 hours of battery life. But in our testing, the battery died around 6-7 hours at the highest volume. However, at the 50 percent volume, the battery is able to give 2-3 hrs of extra juice. The speaker took around 2 hrs and 25 minutes to get Fully charged.

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  • Loud and clear sound
  • Inbuilt microphone
  • Grab handle
  • Solid Built


  • Heavy & Bulky
  • Average bass performance
  • Minor Distortion at high volumes
  • Old Bluetooth version
  • Average battery backup

Boat stone 1000 Speaker review

VERDICT ( Boat stone 1000 Speaker review )

The Boat Stone 1000 is awesome for people who won’t mind the size of the speaker and want loud and clear sound with a decent base. But if you are a bass loving music fan, you might want to look at some other options too. This doesn’t mean the speaker doesn’t have bass at all, but the speaker size and bass isn’t matching on this one. If you are a person who goes for outings on regular bases and doesn’t care about the size or weight of a speaker, you should go for it.

The boat stone 1000 is priced somewhere between Rs. 3000 to Rs. 4000, but the speaker can be grabed at a price much lower than this, if you are lucky enough as I got it for Rs. 2500. So, be vice in buying the speaker as there are huge ups and downs in terms of the pricing of the speaker.

So are you impressed? If you buy the speaker, drop down a comment in the comment section telling what you felt about the sound quality?