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On body and soul trailer: love redefined in new way.

 Netflix initiates the month of romance with this striking emotional drama and an exceptional love story set in the backdrop of a slaughter house. On Body and Soul fusion of romance, comedy, ultra violence, and political commentary directed by Ildiko Enyedi starring Géza Morcsányi, Alexandra Borbély, Zoltán Schneider is also selected for Oscar’s 2018 Foreign drama category.

The on body and soul movie tale rotate around Endre and Maria. Endre is the manager of a slaughterhouse where a coy and elegant Maria comes to work in the administrative office. Fascinated to each other, the two gets to know that they share the similar dream every night where they meet as deer in the snow covered woods, sheen and alluring, during an interrogation by a psychologist at the butchery.

On body and soul trailer

The feeling that they bear and the emotions that their dream crave are otherworldly and nothing they have ever experienced. Confessing to these intense emotions, the two agree to recreate the same emotions in their real life, but is that pious emotional euphoria possible in real life?,this is what the trailer leaves us with.

Critics claim the movie to be praiseworthy and impressive for its approach to handling a common subject in an artistic, henceforth the movie awaits us for where this mysterious mystic connection that manifests in the dream drives their love?


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