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Boeing giant drone eVTOL-CAV, capable of lifting 200Kg of load.

Companies are constantly doing research and development for fabricating base for the future generation services. The same has been done by the aero-space giant, Boeing. Boeing recently built a giant drone, capable of carrying load of 500 pounds (~200Kgs), called eVTOL-CAV, which means electric Vertical TakeOff and Landing- Cargo Air Vehicle. According to company, it’s a prototype, which serves as a base for the future eVTOL aircraft. 

Source- Boeing, YouTube

It’s not the only project in which company is involved for a VTOL vehicle. In 2017, there were news that Uber is working with NASA and Aurora Flying Sciences to launch Uber Flying Taxi Services. Not only this, the company is also the primary sponsor of a $2 million competition, to build a functional jetpack. The contest is all about a safe and effective jetpack, which can lift a person to about 32Kms without refueling or recharging the jet.

Source- Boeing, YouTube

Talking about the prototype drone, company didn’t provide much information about the test results, the flight range and backup capacities. But, the giant drone measures 15 feet long (4.57 m), 18 feet wide (5.49 m), and 4 feet tall (1.22 m), and weighs 747 pounds (~340 Kgs). The drone is powered by electric propulsion system, and combination of 8 rotors allow it to generate enough thrust to take-off with a payload of more than 200kgs.

According to Boeing’s chief technology officer Greg Hyslop,

 “This flying cargo air vehicle represents another major step in our Boeing eVTOL strategy. We have an opportunity to really change air travel and transport, and we’ll look back on this day as a major step in that journey.”


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