Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 192 Spoilers

In today’s post, I will discuss  Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 192 Spoilers that have been surfaced online via Reddit. Those who don’t like spoilers and don’t want to spoil themselves, they shouldn’t read this post. Let’s see My Hero Academia Chapter 192 Spoilers.

Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 192 Spoilers

Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 192 Spoilers

Following is the leaked synopsis of My Hero Academia Chapter 192 via Reddit.

Title – The Todoroki Home

Todays days have passed after the incident, Endeavor is all right because of recovery girl but has a huge scar on his face from the battle. Miruko went to look for the High spec after the battle.

Endeavor has more or less worked out that the High End was there specifically for them –it can’t be a coincidence that it showed up on the day that they were in town together, he conjectures. Hawks knows the truth and is inwardly apologizing to Endeavor and feeling bad about things while trying to Convince Endeavor to the contrary.

Flashback to Hawks meeting with the higher-ups –he knows that while they’re giving him an option they’re really not. They really want to have both an unofficial and official tail on the matters happening in Kamino.

My Hero Academia Chapter 192 Spoilers

Another flashback shows there was an accident when Hawks was a child and he was able to save a family even though he was so young. His future was planned out to be that of a hero before he was even a teenager. Thus him being the man who’s “too fast”.

Endeavor heads home and Shoto sees his scar and comments on it while staring at him.

As does his older brother –the two just sorta stare and talk about how terrible it looks, lol. Fuyumi tries to be a peacemaker but she sorta makes things worse by saying that they shouldn’t “Look like they hate him too much” which Endeavor hears.

Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 192 Spoilers

Natsuo can’t take it and starts to leave but Endeavor says he should just say what’s on his mind.

He finally does say that he can’t forgive his father for treating his mother the way he did and his siblings aside from Shoto as failures. The other brother is named “Touya”. He says he doesn’t want his father to act like a parent now because it’s creepy to him.

He leaves the room and Fuyumi frets wanting to celebrate Shoto’s achievements and being able to see mom after such a long time but realizing their family is in trouble.

Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 192 Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 192 Spoilers

Shoto points out however that this is the first time Natsuo has said what’s on his mind. The report is on TV at the time in the house and the people are cheering on Endeavor and thanking him for his work as well as respect for his sacrifice. Someone even says it’s going to be a “Endeavor era”

Shoto sees the news and says while it’s true he’s a great hero, he’ll never forgive him for what he’s done to their mother. He will, however, anticipate what he’ll do from here on in to be more like a “father”. He knows better than anyone that people can change if they work at it.

Thinking about this and how Shoto has started striving for his future in his own way, Endeavor apologizes for choosing the wrong words when speaking to Natsuo and leaves the room. Meanwhile, Deku has finished training with One for All and collapses into bed.

It’s then he has a dream where he sees Nana Shimura (He doesn’t seem to know her name..) and the other vestiges of One for All. He then sees All for One confronting his little brother as the ones with the quirks that started it all face each other in conflict.

Source: Reddit & Yonkou Productions


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