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Get Boogie Down emote free Fortnite, Enable two factor authentication

Fortnite as a game has become very popular and once a thing becomes very popular it is prone to hacks. Epic games are trying hard to provide players with the best security, such that no one should access the other person account easily. To add to this cause, Epic games has announced that the Boogie Down emote will be available for everyone and it won’t even cost you any V-Bucks or real money.

The emote can be grabbed from within the game itself, the only thing it requires is to activate two-factor authentication for your account.

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For the activation of Two-factor authentication, you are just required to visit the URL and sign in with your id. Then you need to go to the right corner of the screen and hover the mouse over your username, by doing so you will get a list and then you need to click on Account. In the account, you are required to click on Password and Security and enable Two-factor authentication.

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By doing these steps successfully, the new emote will add to the list of available emotes.

Get Boogie Down emote free Fortnite

The free Boogie down emote is one of the changes which has been incorporated in V5.30 update on August 23rd.

Get Boogie Down emote free Fortnite

Boogie Down emote free Fortnite

By enabling the 2FA for your account, you will add an extra level of security for your account and protecting it from being accessed by someone else.

This is really a great initiative from Epic games and its developers to curb the stealing of Fortnite accounts, as in the past we have seen lots of V-Bucks and accounts id/password got stolen. By offering the free emote will lure the players to add 2FA for their respective accounts


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