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How to Boost Gaming performance on Android phone with simple tricks

Boost Gaming performance on Android !!

We all love to play games on your smartphones ,but sometimes the games doesn’t work the way we want ,the games doesn’t perform well, the games sometimes lags, graphics doesn’t look great. All this ruin our all over gaming experience. And the best part all this happens even you have a decent hardware which can play games very well. But don’t worry this can be corrected by a simple setting on your smartphone. So do you want to boost up your gaming experience on your smartphone ?. Read on further How to do it.


Here are the Steps to Boost up Gaming experience on Android smartphone with a simple setting.

Step 1. First Go to the settings of your phone by sliding down the notification bar and selecting the settings icon or directly select settings app from app drawer.

Step 2 : Now you have to First Enable the developers options on your device. By going to the about phone then find build number and tap on it seven time and then developers options will be created in your settings.

For full details Read here : How to Enable Developers options on any Android device

Note this is the important step without this you cannot move on to next step.

Step 3: Once you enable the developers options , open them and scroll down to find the section Force 4x MSSA option and enable it.
This Force 4x MSSA( multi-sample anti-aliasing) is only the Hidden setting in Developer options that will help you to improve your gaming experience.

Now as you have enabled this option, your Android smartphone will deliver games at the highest possible quality. This setting forces Android to use 4x multisample anti-aliasing in OpenGL 2.0 games and

Important note:
This feature will increase your gaming performance at the same time will drain your battery life at a faster rate.

Advice : Enable this when you want to Play a game. Revert back to default when you finish playing game.

However this was the simple trick to boost your Gaming , but there can be some more ways to boost you the gaming performance , as discussed below:

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So that’s all for How to Boost Gaming performance on Android by enabling the force 4x MSSA with few other tricks . So which all games are you planning to play by enabling this settings ,tell us down below in the comments section.


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