Boruto Episode 62 Prediction

Shinobi Vs Ōtsutsuki
Mitsuki Vs Urashiki

Boruto episode 62 will be aired on 14 June, that is, on Thursday and it will be the best episode amongst the previous ones. After getting some predictions from the Reddit, we’ve tried to predict episode 62. Before going to this, let’s discuss some major points from the previous episode. Episode 61 dropped this Thursday and it was a much fast-paced and highly intense episode, in which Shinki proved himself to be a highly exceptional shinobi as he made into the finals without any effort. In final, Boruto and Sarada teamed up against Shinki to save Konoha’s pride.
Both Boruto and Shinki wanted to prove their excellence in front of all the great 5 nations.

The fight went into a one-sided match and the moment when Shinki introduced his Black Iron Fist jutsu, which is basically a huge pair of iron sand electromagnetic hand gloves used for both attack and defence, making all their hits futile. After this, Shinki used his trump card the Black Iron Wings from which he knocked Sarada out of the competition.

At last, to match Shinki’s strength, Boruto used scientific ninja tool. He defeated Shinki with the purple lightning which was 6th Hokage’s jutsu.
Everyone got shocked, but later on, Naruto caught his tool and disqualified him from the whole tournament. On this, Boruto blamed Naruto, if he had just taken out a little time for him, then that would never happen.
And finally, Momoshiki and Kinshiki Otsutsuki shown up. Both of them came for Naruto but Urashiki Otsutsuki wasn’t seen.

Boruto Episode 62 Preview
Boruto Episode 62 Preview

Now coming towards the Boruto Episode 62;
This episode will be titled as “The Invasion of the Ōtsutsuki“. According to the Reddit, all of three Ōtsutsuki; Momoshiki, Kinshiki and Urashiki will appear in the tournament arena where all the Shinobi and Kages met. Then Kinshiki Ōtsutsuki destroys the arena, while Momoshiki kicks Naruto to some distance.
Momoshiki will explain his motive that he came here only for Naruto’s chakra so that he can restore divine tree.

 Boruto Episode 62 Preview
Boruto Episode 62 Preview

As we have seen in the preview, Boruto opposes Momoshiki who targets his father by using scientific ninja tool. Also, Naruto uses his Kurama mode transformation and after a while, Sasuke Uchiha joins the battle against Otsutsuki. In this episode, we’ll get to see Naruto and Sasuke fight together in Kurama and Susano mode.

Does Mitsuki use his Sage Transformation here? 

According to the spoilers, Urashiki Ōtsutsukiwill target Mitsuki, which means this time he will use his Sage Transformation mode. But according to the prediction, Mitsuki may be saved by Gaara and Chojuro. At the end of the episode, we may see Naruto Uzumaki will sacrifice himself and being taken by Kinshiki and Momoshiki to another dimension.

Boruto Episode 62 Preview
Boruto Episode 62 Preview

That’s is it from today’s post on Boruto Episode 62 Prediction. You can also share your own opinions with us in the comment section. Here’s the link to the preview of Boruto Episode 62.