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Boruto Episode 67 Spoilers Super Chocho Super mode

In episode 66, we have seen a peaceful environment in the Leaf village and as seen after completion of any big arc its time for a filler episode. From the preview of next episode, we can observe that it is a filler episode. In the Boruto Episode 66, we have seen that Sasuke listened to the Momoshiki dialogue with the help of his Rinnegan. No one from the other kage was able to listen to this dialogue, so it was not an ordinary jutsu from Sasuke. After killing the Momoshiki, Boruto has inherited the power of Otsutsuki which will result in his bad fate. Talking about the Boruto Episode 67 Spoilers, this episode is dedicated to Choji.

Boruto Episode 67 Spoilers

In the video preview of episode 67, we can observe that team 7 and team 10 has been appointed a task, to protect a handsome actor. From the official synopsis, we can deduce a few things.

Boruto Episode 67 Spoilers

Chocho Akimichi from the Ino-Shika-Cho trio has a fat body and likes to eat. Even so, because of his age, he started wanting a handsome boyfriend, so he started thinking about his body shape.

Team 10 which consists of Boruto and friends and Team 10 including Ino-Shikha-Cho has been assigned a task to protect an actor name Tomaru and his girlfriend Ashina. (Boruto Episode 67 Spoilers).

Boruto Episode 67 Spoilers

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 67 Spoilers

Boruto will meet one of the most beautiful girls, in this episode. In the video preview, we can observe that Tomaru is in grave danger and also at the beginning of the episode we see a strange threatening letter from someone. (Boruto Episode 67 Spoilers).

Boruto Episode 67 Spoilers

Boruto and Team are looking to find the person who is creating this menace. The next episode title is Super Chocho Super mode which is distinctive from Super Chocho Butterfly mode. So, in this episode, we will see a lot of highlight being given to Chocho and as she is the only member of Ino-Shika-Cho whose character development is still missing. All other members have been given their episode for the development of the character.


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