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Boruto Episode 78 Spoilers, Release Date, Preview, Plot

In the last episode, we have seen that Boruto and team try to get the reverse scale of Garaga. But it was apparently was not an easy task. Aoda (Sasuke summoning snake) helped them, in taking down the Garaga and getting its reverse scale. But in the end, Boruto connects with the subconscious mind of Garaga, realise the reason for his hate against the humans. Boruto understands that Garaga has been betrayed by a human in past which made him outrageous and monstrous in nature. Also, we came to know that Yurito was under Genjutsu and he has been framed by the perpetrators in order to obtain information about the Hidden Leaf village and to do their secret work. In the

Boruto Episode 78 Spoilers

The official synopsis of Boruto Episode 78 follows the storyline, where Mitsuki has been taken by Iwagakure ninja: Kokuyo, Sekiei, and others. The Kokuyo and team are marching towards the Land of the Earth. After getting the required information from the White Snake, Boruto and team also head towards the Land of the Earth.

Boruto Episode 78 Spoilers

By the analysis of Shikadai, things are pretty difficult and it will be really troublesome for them to take the enemy head-on. Shikadai suggest that they should split the team into two halves and few members must report back to the village

As it is not easy for Boruto and Sarada to take on their enemies Kokuyo and Seikiei, who will join for their help. We believe that Onoki or Kurotsuchi may come into the help for team Boruto and also not to forget, Boruto can now summon Garaga which is more powerful than Aoda

Boruto Episode 78 Spoilers

Boruto Episode 78 Spoilers

Also, Mitsuki also made a drawing on the sand, what could be the meaning of this? Is this one more sign for Boruto, such that they can track Mitsuki or something else

Also, it would be interesting to see, if Yurito could reveal any sort of information about that attack

Boruto Episode 78 Release Date

Boruto Episode 78 will be aired on 21st October 2018


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