Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 63:

Sasuke’s Secret Weapon
Otsutsuki vs Kages
The Anime Developers shifted the Momoshiki Arc little bit from the Original Manga.

One of the best episodes in Boruto series so far is Episode 62, which offered so many powerful abilities and fighting skills. In the last episode, we have seen Otsutsuki invasion and combat skills of Urashiki Otsutsuki.
During the finale, Boruto is finally caught and dismissed by Naruto for illegal use of Scientific Ninja Tool against Shinki. After this, Momoshiki, Kinshiki, and Urashiki arrived to get the Naruto’s Kurama chakra and capture nine tails. Naruto and Sasuke intercede but Kinshiki attacked and overturned them. The whole Chunnin Arena was demolished completely by them, but all the Shinobi on the stands already evacuated the exam venue.
On the other hand, while Mitsuki was transforming into his sage mode to save Boruto, Urashiki onrush him from behind and took his will but was being interrupted by Gaara and Chōjōrū. Later on, both Gaara and Chōjōrū outwit Urashiki until he used his Rinne Sharingan and escaped.

Boruto Episode 63
Boruto Episode 63

The Otsutsuki revealed their true plan for chasing all the tailed beasts and reviving the divine tree. After this, Momoshiki generated a huge chakra bomb by using drugs to smash Konoha but Naruto Uzumaki using his Kurama mode absorbed that chakra and transferred it into another dimension. After watching all this, Boruto realized how strong his father is and will do everything to save the village.

One of the most popular community group Reddit has released the spoilers for the upcoming episode of the Boruto. From this paragraph onward, we will be discussing the Boruto Episode 63 spoilers.

Boruto Episode 63
Boruto Episode 63

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 63
Title: Sasuke’s Secret Weapon

Unfortunately, this episode will not air next week due to some reasons, hence episode 63 will be released on 28 June 2018.
In the next episode, we’ll see that Boruto Uzumaki is all downhearted with all the things happened and want to do everything to amend his mistakes.

Sasuke’s word

Sasuke Uchiha advised him that there is no need to be depressed and let to go of the past. He also tells him he’s a quite a worthy shinobi and in future, he will excel his dad, Naruto Uzumaki. This immense compliment by Sasuke inspires Boruto.

Boruto Episode 63
Boruto Episode 63

The battle between Kages and Otsutsuki;

Sasuke tells everyone that Naruto Uzumaki is alive and is in another dimension with Monoshiki Otsutsuki. So in the next episode, we’ll also watch the alliance of the five Kages with Boruto and Sasuke agrees to fight against the Momoshiki and Kinshiki Otsutsuki.

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