Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Boston Dynamic’s Robot Atlas now can do Backflips also

Boston Dynamic’s robot named Atlas now is agile to perform movements like backflips. Company posted a video which showed that Atlas can do a number of movements like jumping over the box, turning around and jump and most difficult, backflip and parkour.

Source:- Boston Dynamic

Some of us might have related this to the movies like Terminator, Robot or any other humanoid movie, while reading only one para of this article. But don’t worry, this not gonna happen. Boston Dynamic’s new robot is not that perfect in performing all those difficult movements. In the video it can be seen that Atlas sometimes did a try hard, and ended the flips hitting the ground hard.

Talking more about the humanoid, Boston Dynamic said that the new version of Atlas is electrically powered and hydraulically actuated, and will be able to work agile movement that is hard for human and it is designed to operate outdoors and inside buildings, meaning it could be utilized in scenarios that are dangerous for humans, like fire-fighting, or any rescue operations.

Source:- Boston Dynamic

The new Atlas robot isn’t the only Boston Dynamics upgraded this time. The company revealed a new version of the SpotMini, a cute robot dog few days ago. Earlier this year, we also got a look at Handle, a freaky robot that Boston Dynamics itself described it as “nightmare inducing.”


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