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Brain Duel Sports launched mind e-sports league worth 5 Crore prize

E-sports is one of the industries which is certainly at the blooming stage in India and will grow further in the coming few years. Globally, many major E-sports competitions and events keep taking place throughout the year which includes Intel Extreme Masters, ESL events, Overwatch leagues, COD events and many more.

In India, we are observing more private companies are taking interest in the E-sports for its development. One of the biggest events for Indian E-sports, which has been held this year is “UCypher“, which became possible under the hood of USports and MTV India. Team Yakshas emerges as its winner in an epic grand finale against the Sherdils. Apart from that, we will also see COBX gaming masters whose registrations are open currently and will take place in May-June’2018. ESL also organises ESL India Premiership, each year in India with the help of Nodwin Gaming. ESL India currently features three games which include Clash Royale, Counter Strike Global Offensive and Dota 2.

Recently, Gaurav Gaggar, founder and managing director of Brain Duel Sports has announced the first mind sports e-league this year. He is also a brooder of India’s largest Poker and card game website Adda 52.

Brain Duel Sports

Vaibhav Gaggar, managing partner at law firm Gaggar & Associates told ET, There are World Championship in mind sports globally. We need to make this one those lines, completely legitimate.

Brain Duel League 2018 Delhi- Format and Registrations 

The league has been named as Brain Duel and will have its finale for October 2018. The game will feature three games – poker, chess and rummy and will add on more games later on. This league is a perfect platform for young players who are seeking mind sports and gaming as their professional career choice. The league format has open entry structure and there will be individual tournaments across the different games. The selection process for the tournament will work both offline and online. The league has the total pool prize of Rs 5 Crore during the three-day event in New Delhi. All the teams will require paying the franchise fee after that team owners will select the players to represent their teams in the October finale

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