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Breathe Episode 7 Review – Keeps all Ends Tied for the Edgier Grand Finale

We are just two episodes away from the finale of a thrilling and breathtaking series by Amazon Prime Video. They have given Indian audience a flavor of good content. Amazon Prime Video is currently way ahead of Netflix from the local original content perspective, because of successful series like Breathe. R. Madhavan and Amit Sadh with the support of impressive team have successfully left us at the edge, gasping for breath in each episode. Still, the question looms in front of us Will Danny be able to save his son, or will Kabir capture him before that?

                                                    —-Spoilers Ahead—-

Breathe episode 7 begins with Kabir investigating the attack on Mr. Nair while he was swimming. He has a gut feeling that Danny is behind all this and with that, he starts interrogating him in his harsh way. As Kabir beats Danny to get the truth out, we set in for a ride to see flashbacks of how Danny executed his master plan. Those flashbacks highlighted the best thing about the series, that director hasn’t left any loose ends. Mayank Sharma has a firm grip on the story and no matter how hard a viewer tries he will find it very difficult to spot any loophole.

As the plot progresses, Kabir finds it difficult to nab the killer without any full-proof evidence. And when he starts untangling the mystery behind the attack, the evidence points towards Mr. Rao whose wife is also on the recipient’s list. After analyzing the CCTV footage of him leaving the building on the night of the attack, that materializes the suspicion on him. However, as a viewer, you know that things don’t add up and you ask yourself ‘How the hell did Danny make this happen?’

With each scene where R. Madhavan is present, you observe his character slowly progressing towards the darker side. His evil smile and brutal ideas will surely give you creeps. This episode sees the character of Danny going full evil as he even kills the charming Dr. Aruna in an instant when she confronts him. The series at this very moment shows similarities to AMC hit Breaking Bad where the character of Walter White over the course of time goes dark.

By the end of the episode, Mr. Nair dies, however, his organs are not used because Kabir sends it for the autopsy. This move leaves Danny with only one option to kill Ria(Sapna Pabbi) wife of Kabir. The short runtime of the episode leaves you with many unanswered questions and little unsatisfied also. Yes, we know that creators want to make the last episode more thrilling one but the addition of around five more minutes in the runtime could have made it another heart racing episode.

Amit Sadh is the highlight of this episode with his portrayal of rugged and angry cop he creates magic on the screen. You feel the anger building in him and when he brutally punches each of his suspects you get scares of life. There are no words to praise the work of R. Madhavan; we bet after watching the series you will never see him as a chocolate boy. In his every expression and even in eyes you only see the looming darkness.

Overall, the episode 7 keeps all things tied and prepares you for a thrilling and breathtaking end of the series. It had some minor flaws like shorter runtime and lack of superb background music with which we have fallen in love. However, performances of Amit Sadh and R. Madhavan makes up for everything, and now we can’t wait for the finale of epic series.

Rating – 3.5/5 stars

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