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Breathe Episode 6 Review – Profound Cat & Mouse Game, Leaves You at the Edge

Breathe is the show that is progressing at a breakneck pace and the way story has been developed till this point is phenomenal. Till now we have seen how love for his son has pushed Danny towards the darkened path and he is all set to misdemeanor any limit to save him. Series not only put light on the thrill factor but also has been able to portray the necessity of organ donation in viewer’s mind. The story has nicely managed to display the shift in the character of Danny which was the highlight of the last episode.

The previous episode was a pacy one as it almost brought the two main characters one-on-one leaving many inquisitive questions in viewer’s mind about how Danny will handle the brilliant yet conventional inspector Kabir when he digs deeper? Will Danny become an antagonist for whom we rooted at the start of series?

The sixth episode in the thrilling series opens with, Danny in front of Kabir. The first interaction of the two characters was not that grippy or spine-chilling which we were expecting. Kabir completely subdues Danny, and his “smart” answers just increased the suspicion on him. On the other side, Doctor Aruna is also doubtful of Danny as he starts ignoring her after she saw him at the hospital. Then as the episode headway, we are in for a cat and mouse game between Kabir and Danny. Each of their subsequent meetings grows intense, and you start to feel the suffocation that Danny is experiencing as inspector draws closer.


At this point, series diverts from the main story and tries to focus on the other characters. The scene shows you what Kabir is going through with each passing day after his daughter’s death. The pain showcased by Amit Sadh seems realistic, and you want to be there for his character. Mayank Sharma(Director) also adds a little flavor of comedy through the character of Prakash Kamble (Hrishikesh Joshi) which might feel unnecessary but brings little lighter moment.

It’s not that the character of Danny has gone to the dark side and he feels no sorrow or guilt after killing people. He goes through the suffering and screams of his victims still echoes in his mind, and the scene is depicting this has been captured beautifully. As the episode progresses, you feel that Danny soon will be trapped as both Kabir & Aruna are closing on him. He may not be able to achieve his final target.

Without giving significant spoilers I would like to add that sixth episode has a slow start however by the end of it you will again find yourself at the edge of your seat. With only two episodes remaining in the season finale, the series is evolving with each scene and may leave us shell-shocked.

The ending scene of the last episode is perfection and has been executed with finesse. It depicts the silence before the upcoming storm which will take lives no matter what. Also, the cinematography in this scene is mesmerizing, and the way it has been captured makes it delightful to watch.

Background score has become an integral part of this series and is lending more intensity to each episode. I am are sure that Alokanada Dasgupta is a rare gem who will add colors with her enigmatic music to whichever project she picks up.

Overall, this episode has a slower beginning and which might make you feel that series is slowly losing its direction. However, it is packing a punch at the end that will make you appreciate this episode. Now a lot depends on the remaining two episodes because those can either make it a renowned series or the one that promised a lot but left us disappointed.

You can catch the episode six as it arrives on the Amazon Prime Video on 9th Feb and share your views about it.

Rating – 3.5/5 stars

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