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How to calibrate compass of your phone in Google maps

calibrate compass in google maps !!

Suppose are you in a city/country which you have never visited, so to navigate around the city you will use Google maps. But as soon as you open your maps you notice that your compass points in the wrong directions or do not even move. Did it already happen to you?

This might not be a common problem but who knows it can happen to anybody anywhere but this can be solved very easily. When the compass on your Android device begins to behave in a strange way, you just have to calibrate it again. Read on further to know how to calibrate compass of your phone.

METHOD 1: Basic

STEP 1: Hold your phone as you normally do. Then, holding the phone facing towards you, tilt the top of the phone away from you and then toward you, do this at least 4 times.

STEP 2: Now, again hold your phone normally, upright with the display facing you. Then turn it to face to your left, then to your right.

STEP 3: Next, hold your phone normally again. Then, while the phone still faces you, tilt the top of the phone from one side to the other in a too and fro motion slowly.

METHOD 2: From Google Maps settings

STEP 1: Open the google maps and turn your location in case you have turned it off. Now you will see the blue dot on the map which is actually your current location.

STEP 2: Tap on that blue dot and a popup menu will open. On the bottom left of the menu, there will be an option to calibrate your Compass. So just tap on it.

STEP 3: Now another popup with an animation showing to rotate your phone in the direction of Figure 8 will appear. So just rotate your phone like that three-times after that tap on Done.

METHOD 3: Try 3rd party apps.

With the above methods, the problem should get solved but if it still exists then try using some 3rd party apps. Below are some of the apps to help you to calibrate your location.GPS Essential: this is can which can help you to calibrate Compass of your phone, the test other sensors as well and it is powerful tool get the compass calibrated.


METHOD 4: Try Factory Resetting your Phone.

If the problem still exists then you should try factory resetting your phone. This will erase all your data including your photos, contacts, apps and everything else present on your phone means your phone will become a brand new after resetting it. So this might get the issue solved.IF the problem still exists in case try contacting service centre of your phone’s manufacturer or we have to say that its time to throw your phone get a new one.:)

So that’s about How to calibrate compass of your phone in Google maps. If you have any other quires then feel free to comment down in the comments section. We would love to help you.

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