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Call OF Duty : WWII Review

Call Of Duty: WWII is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. This ends the wait for fans who were expecting very much from the game and game is much like that. After many years Call Of Duty makes the return to its roots having large scale war which covers major flaws in previous 3 games at some level. This time game completely nails with its graphics, 8 hrs long campaign mode and especially multiplayer mode.It also has the zombie mode.

Campaign Mode:

Credits : https://www.callofduty.com/wwii

This time campaign mode is fully a war base. It strips away all futuristic things and contents that was in previous games. It shows the story of US Army Private First Class Ronald “Red” Daniels of the first division.Campaign kick-off with the mission of storming Normandy (D-Day) which was also on Call Of Duty 2 but this time with more. After battling through  Normandy beach, they battle move towards to western, then Paris and after the battle of Bulge finally move to conquer The Rhine. The whole campaign shows their battle through central Europe as Allies Battles and stops at The Rhine to break the powers of Axis.


In Call OF Duty: WWII protagonist is not an expert killer like some previous games. It is very familiar like Call Of Duty 2’s campaign mode. There are many changes or new features in games that make its whole fun during 8hrs of game. In Campaign mode, you don’t have health regenerate, you have to collect medic kit at the time to time. This feels great to not to like a mortal soldier. In whole game, you have to with your squad like the brother in arms, squad members also provides you Medic kit and ammo.Since you are not a super soldier, you have to increase whole squad abilities to give air support, mortar strike, ammo, medic.Game mission forwards with proceeding story forwards and creates more tension. Reload sound of M1 grand makes more feeling of war and conflict.

Credits: https://www.callofduty.com/wwii

So story mode tells the tale of bravery, sacrifice, and survival in one of the great war in history and you won’t find any major step and their cruel nature of Nazis. The game only shows the story of a soldier on winning side.You will feel so good after playing a decent story mode of a Call Of Duty game after failures of many years.

Multiplayer Mode :

The main reason for the success of the game is its multiplayer mode. Firstly its multiplayer mode if almost free from all type of glitches and errors which was shown in Open Beta version and also returns as boots on the ground means no wall riding, power jump which was in previous two games.

In multiplayer modes all previous games modes like Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Hardpoint are same. A new mode which is in this game is WAR. In this mode, one team is on the defensive side and other on attacking side. Attacking side have 2to 3 objectives to complete in series wise and defensive team have to defend those objectives. If one objective of attacking team get clear, they move toward next objective. If attacking team completes all objective they win on other hands if defensive team hold the attacking team in any objective, they win. This mode is like shining to the star-like multiplayer mode of Call Of Duty: WWII.


In Multiplayer mode player can be played as Allies or an Axis soldier. It also features DIvision system to choose player’s class. A player can choose one out of 5 divisions, each having their basic and different training.Player also needs to progress in their division rank to unlock more guns and skills.Five Divisions are:

  1. Infantry: In this player is for mid to long range combat. It includes bayonet charge as a brutal melee kill.
  2. Armored: In this player has high armor, heavy guns and ability to mount guns.
  3.  Mountain: Mountain mode focuses only on long-range combat mode by having various types of sniper rifles with more precise aim assist.
  4. Airborne: In this mode, the player has the light machine and sub-machine guns. A player can also attach the suppressor to guns for stealth gameplay.
  5. Expeditionary: Players use shotguns in this mode. Incendiary grenades are also available as shotgun rounds to burn down enemies.

WWII also have headquarters mode in multiplayer which is like a  social space in the game.Headquarter’s hub is set on Normandy beach where 48 can be present at a time  There are some activities in this mode player can do, for example, hey can see other players opening loot boxes, practicing in the firing range in hub and also player can engage in 1v1 battle while others can see them as duel.


Zombies Mode:

A  zombies cooperative game mode, similar to previous entries by Treyarch. It has separate story mode than campaign mode. It has same running away from an army of the dead by completing the list of task, unlocking skills with friends or squads. But a small change in mode is that a tide of undead army appears in final stages of mode.

This time Call Of Duty has purely basic gameplay without any futuristic contents. It is great fun.

Rating: 8.5/10

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