Thursday, August 18, 2022
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Call of Duty : Mobile game announced for Android & iOS

Activision has announced a new game under the Call of Duty franchise, and the upcoming game is based for mobile. The game will be called Call of Duty: Mobile, which will be available on Android and iOS devices after its release.

The game has been developed in partnership with the Tencent Games, and the game will be available for free on all the mobile platforms. It is a first-person shooting game.

Players can enjoy their favorite multiplayer modes such as Deathmatch, Search & Destroy on the iconic maps including Crash, Hijacked and Nuketown.

Steven Ma, SVP, Tencent Holdings Limited states that “Call of Duty is synonymous with incredible quality and gameplay, and our team couldn’t be happier working together with Activision to bring it to life on mobile.” With our expertise creating games custom-built for mobile players, we’re excited to deliver a new, feature-packed Call of Duty experience that all types of fans will enjoy.”

Call of Duty : Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile

The Call of Duty Mobile game will bring a range of weapons, customizations and a variety of game modes to the game.


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