Call of Duty: Mobile Global Launch Date Confirmed Officially

Call of Duty: Mobile Global Launch Date

Gaming on mobile has become popular recently. Talking specifically, PUBG Mobile, the most popular mobile game of 2018 has resulted in significant development in mobile gaming and elevated the mobile gaming community. Tencent Games gathered a large number of fans from all over the globe, and also organized a number of tournaments, which eventually supported mobile gamers globally.

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Call of Duty: Mobile Launch Date
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Activision, the publisher of the famous game franchise Call Of Duty, announced the Mobile version of Call Of Duty game. Activision has partnered with Tencent games to bring the first-person shooting game series on the mobile platform. Well, till now the official launch of the Call Of Duty: Mobile was not confirmed. But, according to a report, Call Of Duty on official Twitter account mentioned the official date for the global launch of the Call Of Duty: Mobile game.

Call of Duty: Mobile Global Launch Date –

A Twitter user commented on one of Call of Duty’s tweet, asking for the launch date for the mobile version of Call Of Duty. In reply to the user’s comment, the official Twitter account stated: “The Game is Almost Ready, Expect the Beta in May followed by launch next.” However, this reply was deleted later by the moderator.

Call of Duty: Mobile Launch Date

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This clearly shows that users waiting for the Call Of Duty: Mobile can get their hands on the game starting from May. You can register for the Beta version to get the official notification. And if the Beta version period starts in May, we are expecting the global launch of the game in the month of June or in the very starting of July.


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