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Short Film: ‘Camouflage’ Review, Nicely Portrays two types of Warrior

Royal Stag’s Large Short films is a new platform being provided to young directors to showcase their talents on the web. Numerous movies have been released under this banner, and many of them has won the heart of audiences just in 15 minutes. Sumeet Vyas and Purab Kohli starrer Camouflage is one of those story which explores an intriguing conversation between two army men of special squad Marcos. Aman Dahiya directs the film and in, just 10 minutes he has been able to tell various aspects.

What is the story of ‘Camouflage’?

The short film begins with a shot of both the characters having some relaxing time, and soon we see them running on the beach. The title itself tells that it is the story about real-life heroes who do everything to protect us. As both of them sit together and start a casual discussion over some food soon, we find them discussing about the war. Sumeet Vyas portrays the role Krishna who wants to give a fitting reply to all the militants who are killing innocent people and he is a person who doesn’t want to wait anymore. Whereas on the other side of the table we have Purab Kohli playing Balram who thinks of answering with a thoughtful action.

Both characters discuss their point of view and you as an audience can easily connect the context with ongoing turmoil in J&K. Both of them put forward the valid points that make you think, however Balram puts forward a point that aptly portrays the current situation of our country. He says ” Everyone they kill deserves to die, but not everyone they protect deserves to live.” This dialogue points towards the corrupt politicians and dishonest people who can even sell their own country for money. The film leaves you to decide which side you are on as both sides have its positives.

Is ‘Camouflage’ Worth The Watch?

Aman Dahiya with a finesse has given a film which picks up crucial points in such a short span which even a 2 hour long movies are not able to do. The way he has connected all the characters to the renowned mythology Mahabharata is superb. This short movie is a must watch where underrated actors Sumeet Vyas and Purab Kohli win your heart with compelling performances. The film is a salute to all the heroes on the borders who are always ready to die for us in that camouflage dress.

Final Verdict –

A perfect short film which is worth your precious time. A compelling story, starring Sumeet Vyas and Purab Kohli in significant roles. The small connections with Mahabharata only add depth to the plot.

Rating – 4.5/5 stars

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