Avengers 4 Concept Art Shows Captain America In His Original Costume

Avengers: Infinity War was a big hit and Marvel didn’t let the opportunity go and made money through merchandise also. Marvel plans same with Avengers 4 too. So, a few days back the leaked Avengers 4 concept art meant for merchandising gave fans a look at their superheroes in Avengers 4. It’s no surprise that Marvel changes the looks of superheroes at every chance they get to make money with merchandise. And this time it seems the turn of Captain America.

Captain America Gets Original Costume in Avengers 4 Concept Art

This time Captain America’s costume is changed and surprisingly it’s the same as in the comics. The distinctive scales and Avengers logo on both arms, the classic Captain America costume which fans had left any hope of seeing on the big screen.

But just where does the Captain America get this costume(Avengers 4 concept art)? We know that the Avengers are travelling in time and thus can create many different timelines. We could see Captain getting this costume by some alternate timeline, but does that costume be the part of end reality?

Steve Rogers has been on the run for two years after the events of Civil War. In fact, as we saw in Infinity War, he is most wanted men on the planet. But after the mad titan’s ‘snap’, he and the other Avengers have been stepped out of the hiding, Black Widow is no longer hiding her red hair, and Steve Rogers has adopted the identity of Captain America once again. The situation calls in for the Avengers to come back in full form rather than split up as they were before Infinity War.

Captain America Avengers 4 Concept Art

Infinity War’s ending was a massive cliff-hanger. With half of the Avengers dead, and Universe’s ‘balance’ restored as per Thanos. He has left earth in chaos and the magnitude of chaos is massive. Thanos just vanished random people which may include many important people which could lead to more chaos and destruction of earth, while this being a very thin situation, Captain America is seen as the symbol of hope in these times. He will come forward and his help will be most welcomed and as he takes on his identity of Captain America and helps save the world yet again.

Captain America Avengers 4 Concept Art

But it’s worth noting that this is the promotional art only, so it’s a possibility that Steve Rogers will take on a different look in the actual movie. As we have seen, Marvel tries to play around with these kinds of Easter eggs. Another point to be noted that no leaked photos from the sets have shown Captain wearing this costume, so it’s only safe to assume that this is only for merchandises.

Marvel’s next releases include Ant-Man and the Wasp releasing on 6th July, followed by Captain Marvel and Avengers 4 in 2019. Also, Spider-Man far from Home will follow up after Avengers 4 with Guardians of Galaxy releasing in 2020.

What do you think about the Captain’s costume in Avengers 4 concept art, will we see it on screens even for a short while? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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