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Captain America & Luke Skywalker Reveal, Can Lightsaber Cut Through Vibranium Shield?

Fans at times often come up with some really quirky yet difficult to answer questions when it comes to the fiction entertainment industry. One such fan asked a question – ‘Can a lightsaber (Luke Skywalker) cut through vibranium shield?’ While it’s a tough question its like they both have their own strengths, while Captain America used his shield to blast away many aliens and their attacks and their weapons in the Battle of New York, the lightsaber is known to cut through any alien object.

So, what’s gonna happen when the two face-off against each other? The tweet followed up a quick uproar in the Twitterati and then experts came into the fight.

This little fan gave rise to a twitter war which tore fans apart, while some debated that lightsaber can cut through any alien metal thus vibranium will also be cut into pieces, while others debated that even aliens failed to destroy that shield and even Mjolnir used on shield diversified the attack creating electrical shockwaves but didn’t break no matter how hard the god of thunder hit it with.

This little fight was joined in by Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) and Chris Evans(Captain America) in a banter. Mark Hamill was first to notice the post and replied to it –

He said – “In the #MarvelUniverse – NO, In the #StarWarsUniverse – Luke wouldn’t fight a hero, but if asked to do so, he could cut it into a million little pieces,” Hamill wrote. Evans then responded to Hamill’s tweet, agreeing that the lightsaber could in fact cut the shield but he did so with his own twist.

Captain America knows how to make the best of the situation to his advantage, but vibranium ninja stars? Ingenious! He should definitely get those in Avengers 4. Ok, jokes aside, the question was answered in 2016 Nerdist’s “Because science with Kyle Hill”. They compared the two with real-life equivalents and came to the conclusion that yes, the lightsaber could ‘melt’ the shield and not simply cut it like it cuts other things, but still it would be much big of a task for Luke Skywalker to handle a superhuman wielding the shield.

Captain America & Luke Skywalker Reveal, Can Lightsaber Cut through Vibranium Shield?

Of course, the lightsaber could cut the shield but it would require some time to melt it. But still, Captain America with vibranium ninja stars is pretty cool though! But still Captain America doesn’t have his original shield now and he is now equipped with a vibranium shield with pretty cool upgrades, thanks to Shuri, it’s impossible now for Luke Skywalker to cut the Shield so easily.

What do you think? Who will win – Cap’s Shield or Luke’s Lightsaber? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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