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Captain Marvel: New Merchandise hints at her Original Suit!

Captain Marvel is the next Marvel character entrant in MCU. She also a key player in defeating Thanos in Avengers 4 as teased by Infinity War’s post- credit scenes. We already know that the movie has already wrapped up its primary shooting and on set look on Captain Marvel suggested some changes to her suit. But recently, we have gotten clues that hint that the classic red-blue suit of Captain Marvel may be used in the movie! Marvel has yet to officially release any looks at the solo movie so far, but some of the film’s first pieces of merchandise have now arrived.

Captain Marvel: New Merchandise hints at her Original Suit!

Brie Larson’s version of Captain Marvel was part of previously leaked art on Avengers 4 which showed her suited in her classic red-blue suit, but there is still no official word on the look of Captain Marvel in her movie or Avengers 4.

Captain Marvel notebooks are now online to pre-order on Amazon by Insight Editions publishers, and the merchandise brings fans a new look at the film. Take a look at the merchandise here –

As you can see one of the notebooks feature next year’s Brie Larson version of the superhero and the other features her insignia. The notebooks hint at Brie Larson wearing the classic colours the red-blue suit which the fans have been yearning to see.

Captain Marvel: New Merchandise hints at her Original Suit!

These merchandise popping up could mean that we can get the first look at the movie any day now and then once an image and possible teaser poster is released, an actual trailer could come quickly. There’s hardly six months left in the release of Captain Marvel. Fans have been going crazy about her and it’s time Marvel gives the fans the looks of the Captain all suited up.

What do you think about the Captain Marvel merchandise? Do you want to see her in her classic colours? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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